Release Notes 2.2.5

Release Date: Apr 17, 2020

What’s New

Support for NAT Subnet Broadcasts
The Airwall Solution now supports NATing subnet broadcasts on the device network.
New Airwall help content
Updated Airwall help content

Upgrade Considerations

Consider upgrading to 2.2.5 if:

You were impacted by any issues discovered in prior releases, especially if you have any of the following:
Heavy use of broadcast/multicast traffic.
Applying a new ports configuration resulted in overlay ports staying down until next reboot.

Tunnel failures after cellular outages.


ID Applies to Description
DEV-13132 Conductor Improved validation of Conductor device imports.
DEV-13087 Android Airwall Agent Fixed an issue where user was unable to log in with user auth on Android.
DEV-13086 Conductor Airwall port configuration changes made from the Conductor are now noted in the PCI user activities log
DEV-13067 Android Airwall Agent Fixed Push-to-Talk not working on Android over Cellular.
DEV-13065 Android Airwall Agent Fixed Android issue with sending User Auth credentials causing crashes.



Conductor Agent hostnames are now being shown correctly for provisioning requests.
DEV-13027 Conductor Added new PCI logs for Airwall reconnect support function: Starting a PCAP, stopping a PCAP, requesting a support bundle, and requesting a diagnostic report.



Airwall Gateway Fixed an issue that caused the reboot setting in the underlay Failover Settings tab to have no effect if any underlay port groups were configured as standalone.



Conductor Fixed an issue that could cause the packet capture feature in the old Conductor support tab to show no capture interfaces.
DEV-12997 Conductor Fixed an issue that could cause serial-over-IP to be come unresponsive after cellular outages.
DEV-12996 Conductor Fixed an issue to allow users to request multiple support bundles at the same time.



Conductor Fixed a bug that could cause HIP tunnels to become stale after temporary cellular outages.



Conductor Some event actions have a target box. Filtering the target box by name is now working. Additionally you can select "+ more" to see more entries at the same time.



Conductor Fixed a UI error when modifying the recipient list of an existing alert.
DEV-12991 Android Airwall Agent Fixed Android Airwall Agent sending localhost as the hostname in its provisioning request.




Fixed an issue where applying certain types of port configurations caused the overlay ports fail to link up until the next reboot of the Airwall. Note: This issue may still occur in a configuration where only VLAN-tagged ports are assigned to overlay port groups. To work around this, ensure that at least one untagged port is assigned to an overlay port group.
DEV-12964 Airwall Gateway Fixed a bug that caused the reporting interval settings to have no effect on device activity reporting.
DEV-12903 Conductor Fixed an issue where syslog didn’t configure the first time on a new Conductor.
DEV-12748 Conductor Fixed an issue where an Airwall may crash when processing a large amount of broadcast traffic with many tunnels.

Known Issues

ID Applies to Description
DEV-13028 Airwall Gateway Airwall Gateway 150 has "could not detect attached switch" error. Workaround: Do a hard reboot.