Release Notes 2.2.3 Hotfix

Release Date: Mar 27, 2020

What’s New

2.2.3 Hotfix

This is a hotfix to release v2.2.3. See the Release Notes 2.2.3 for more additions in version 2.2.3.

Upgrade Considerations

We recommend that you upgrade to this 2.2.3 hotfix if you were impacted by issues with the Windows or macOS Airwall Agents.

Note: If you're looking for the previous Tempered Networks Technical Documentation, most is included in the new Airwall Help. You can also click the link on the Airwall Help home page to get to the pre-2.2.3 Help.


ID Applies to Formerly Known As Description
DEV-12954 Conductor Agent hostnames were not being correctly shown for provisioning requests.
DEV-12938 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch We fixed an issue that caused the reboot setting in the underlay link manager to have no effect if any underlay port groups were configured as stand-alone.
DEV-12930 Conductor We fixed an issue that could cause the packet capture feature in the Conductor support tab to show no capture interfaces.
DEV-12871 Conductor We fixed a bug that could cause HIP tunnels to become stale after temporary cellular link failures.
DEV-12866 Conductor Some event actions have a target box. Filtering the target box by name is now working. Additionally you can select "+ more" to see more entries at the same time.
DEV-12852 Windows Airwall Agent HIPclient-Windows Windows Airwall Agent wasn't handling re-address during interface (for example, cell to wi-fi) changes
DEV-12803 Conductor UI error when modifying the recipient list of an existing alert.
DEV-12755 Conductor User auth overlay membership was not correctly published in all cases when people were added and removed from people groups.

Known Issues

See Release Notes 2.2.3 for known issues.