Release Notes 2.2.3

Release Date: Feb 6, 2020

Introducing Tempered Airwall

Tempered's fully encrypted, virtual air-gap network security solution is now called Airwall. Our product offerings are also changing to match our brand and make their functions clearer.

What’s New

New Airwall help

If you're looking for the previous Tempered Networks Technical Documentation, most is included in the new Airwall Help. You can also click the link on the home page to get to the pre-Airwall Help.

OpenID Connect support for Airwall Agents

We have added OpenID Connect support for authenticating remote sessions on Android, iOS and macOS Airwall Agents (formerly Android, iOS, and OSx HIPclients). There is also now a global option to lock out clients that do not support user auth.

People groups as Overlay members/managers
People Groups are now able to be members of Overlay Networks as well as Managers of Overlay Networks. Now user permissions can be configured entirely in an authentication provider such as LDAP or OpenID Connect via people group membership.
Lockdown Mode
Lockdown Mode is now configurable from the Airwall Conductor for Airwall Agents (formerly HIPclients) that support this feature (currently supported by the Windows Airwall Agent).
Cloud Linux Airwall Servers
The Airwall Conductor can create and deploy Linux Airwall Servers directly in any cloud provider, such as Azure, AWS, or Google.

Upgrade Considerations

We recommend that you upgrade to 2.2.3 if:

You want to use any of the following features: You were impacted by any issues discovered in prior releases, especially if you have any of the following:
Multifactor Authentication
  • A large number of spokes causes network issues
  • Issues with NTPD (Network Time Protocol daemon) not running on Conductor
  • Broadcast traffic not forwarded across Overlay network
Important: If you are using SHA-1 for the ESP transform, you should convert to SHA-256 before upgrading to 2.2.x.

IMPORTANT: Migrating existing Deployments to 2.2.x

The 2.2.2 release brought a significant change to the base platform configuration and capabilities of an Airwall Gateway/HIPswitch. Conductors after 2.2.2 will not be able to manage Airwall Edge Services prior to version 2.0. See the note in the Release Notes 2.2.2 for information on upgrading Airwall Edge Services prior to version 2.0.


ID Applies to Formerly Known As Description
DEV-12852 Windows Airwall Agent HIPclient-Windows Windows Airwall Agent wasn't handling re-address during interface (for example, cell to wi-fi) changes
DEV-12683 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch Fixed an issue where large firmware update packages would sometimes fail to be installed via Conductor, Diagnostic mode, and airsh (hipsh).
DEV-12613 Airwall Gateway-250 HIPswitch-250 Fixed an issue where port 8 (SFP portion) of the Airwall Gateway-250 does not get re-enabled after reconfiguring network interfaces. This issue affects firmware versions 2.2.0, 2.2.1, and 2.2.2.
DEV-12582 iOS Airwall Agent HIPapp-iOS iOS Airwall Agent - 2x 'Sign-in Failed' pop up for invalid username & password
DEV-12579 iOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-iOS iOS Airwall Agent not using 'DNS domain' from Conductor
DEV-12528 Android and iOS Airwall Agents



Android and iOS Airwall Agents user auth status pages are not getting updated on toggling policies
DEV-12510 Android Airwall Agent HIPclient-Android Android and iOS Airwall Agents user auth status pages are changing session expire time according to the current time of the phone.
DEV-12487 Android Airwall Agent HIPclient-Android Android Airwall Agent user auth Notification showing symbols instead of profile name
DEV-12468 Android Airwall Agent HIPclient-Android Android Airwall Agent crash on overlay networks page when you click refresh with no peers
DEV-12463 Conductor Syslog setting appears disabled after upgrade while it is still enabled

Linux, macOS, and Windows Airwall Agents





Mac, Linux and Windows Airwall Agents now use and select an optimal relay when the underlay interface is set to 'auto'.
DEV-12404 Airwall Gateway-150 HIPswitch-150 A new cellular modem firmware (version is available for Airwall Gateway-150 with the SFF-MOD-MC7430 modem. Please see the downloads page.
DEV-12399 OpenHIP Reject ARP responses for loopback, multicast, broadcast and
DEV-12382 Conductor Airwall Edge Services online bar graph displays, then goes blank.
DEV-12376 Conductor HTTP 422 error for some accounts after 2.2.1 > 2.2.2 Conductor upgrade.
DEV-12373 iOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-iOS iOS status page seems to not be updating
DEV-12355 OpenHIP Broadcast IP packets not traversing tunnel properly
DEV-12353 Airwall Gateway-150 HIPswitch-150 Some Airwall Gateway-150s with part numbers (PLF-) ending in -02 and -03 were shipped with non-functional SFP ports due to a firmware bug. This is fixed in firmware version 2.2.3. Additionally, a hotfix is available to address this issue in firmware versions 2.1.6, 2.1.7, 2.2.0, 2.2.1, and 2.2.2.
DEV-12339 Airwall Gateway-150 HIPswitch-150 A regression in firmware versions 2.2.0, 2.2.1, and 2.2.2 caused Airwall Gateway-150s to be unable to link with dual-speed or BiDi SFP/SFP+ modules. Support for these SFPs is fixed in firmware 2.2.3.
DEV-12326 Conductor Airwall Edge Services fail to reconnect to Conductor after re-provisioning
DEV-12318 Android Airwall Agent HIPclient-Android Android not using 'DNS domain' from Conductor
DEV-12311 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch Fixed an issue that was causing serial or modbus configured overlay ports to stop working after performing a reconnect.
DEV-12301 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch Fixed a bug that caused Airwall Gateways to lose their Conductor connection after installing a customer certificate requiring a reboot.
DEV-12293 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch Modbus-RTU times out when multiple sessions are connected from one host.
DEV-12287 Airwall Gateway-500 HIPswitch-500 Fixed a bug that caused some IP broadcasts on the overlay network to cross into different subnets.
DEV-12285 macOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-OSX Mac unable to log in via username and password after switching to a different profile
DEV-12276 Conductor Do not allow a non-editor to be the rule editor of a Smart Device Group.
DEV-12241 iOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-iOS iOS needs to initiate pings for other side to reach it
DEV-12230 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch Do not remove port group configs during port detection
DEV-12219 OpenHIP When processing concurrent traffic to or from multiple peers anAirwall Gateway may drop traffic for some tunnels.
DEV-12217 Airwall Invitations HIPinvite Poor messaging of license sync errors during invite activation
DEV-12214 Conductor Monitor alert (flapping) settings do not result in an indication of frequent alerts
DEV-12205 Conductor Not able to remove NTP on the Standby
DEV-12187 Conductor Airwall Edge Services uptime graph units scale incorrectly
DEV-12179 Conductor Deleting SoIP/Modbus settings when a description is edited
DEV-12167 Conductor Remove tags and end remote session on revoke
DEV-12159 Conductor Doesn't log device traffic reported by High-Availability standby
DEV-12146 Windows Airwall Agent HIPclient-Win Windows Airwall Agent takes a very long time to appear in Conductor dashboard after license is granted
DEV-12127 OpenHIP Detect unidirection traffic through tunnels which may indicate an extremely rare issue that causes tunneled traffic to be be lost and attempt to recovery tunnel by initiating a rekey
DEV-12104 Conductor Change license pop up blocking functionality to a temporarily dismissible banner
DEV-12096 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch Address Marvell WiFi "mwifiex" driver CVEs: CVE-2019-3846, CVE-2019-14814, CVE-2019-14815, CVE-2019-14816, and CVE-2019-14895
DEV-12093 Android Airwall Agent HIPclient-Android Add DNS setting back to Android and iOS Airwall Agents
DEV-12092 Airwall Gateway-150 HIPswitch-150 Airwall Gateway-150 not maintaining HIP tunnels when configured with more than 10 peers
DEV-12090 OpenHIP In previous versions, HIP would buffer packets during the base exchange. This has been removed to mitigate a potential DoS from a local protected device, almost all protocols will re-transmit making the buffering unnecessary. If you encounter issues with esoteric protocols, please turn on auto-connect so the tunnels are brought up automatically.
DEV-12077 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch If fail-safe reboot is enabled in the Failover settings, the Airwall Gateway reboots whenever the initial reboot timeout is expired (assuming all links failing) ignoring the timeout for recurring reboot.
DEV-12076 Conductor Invalid license vouchers shouldn't prevent customers from loading new valid vouchers
DEV-12075 Licensing Customer cannot remove invalid licenses due to license deficit
DEV-12024 Airwall Gateway-150 HIPswitch-150 Fixed a bug that was causing validation errors in the port configuration UI after factory-reseting and re-connecting an Airwall Gateway to the same Conductor.
DEV-12005 Conductor Device Match Rules rule "include Any Object without certain tag" does not include untagged devices
DEV-12004 Conductor Device Match Rules "negative filter MAC_prefix" filters out devices without MAC address
DEV-12000 Conductor Offline Airwall Agents are named incorrectly in Add Device to Network popup
DEV-11994 Conductor Replacing Airwall Agent in Conductor doesn't update its capabilities
DEV-11992 Conductor Conductor Conductor breaks when upgrading to from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2 in a factory reset state.
DEV-11991 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch Fixed an issue that causes dropped packets when traffic from the same MAC address is received on multiple ports of the same Airwall Gateway (regardless of the port group membership of those ports).
DEV-11982 Conductor The auto-generated Lockdown Mode Device Group doesn't appear to match new Airwall Gateways coming online.
DEV-11969 Conductor NTPD terminates and won't come back.
DEV-11968 Cloud Delay and fetch userdata causes slow Conductor refresh
DEV-11951 Conductor Notifications Controller Validation failed: MTU must be greater than or equal to 100 when no MTU provided by 2.2.2 HIPapp
DEV-11900 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch Modbus-RTU does not work correctly when Overlay NAT is enabled.
DEV-11898 Android and iOS Airwall Agents HIPclient-Android, HIPclient-iOS Unable to establish any Overlay connections with Android and iOS Airwall Agent
DEV-11893 Android Airwall Agent HIPclient-Android Scale views on Overlay and Services page in Airwall Agent
DEV-11887 Android Airwall Agent HIPclient-Android In Add Profile, error remains after you correct the field
DEV-11881 Conductor Keep user auth timeout within the range of 1 hour to 1 year
DEV-11867 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch Ruggedcom: Cannot enter diagnostic mode from hipsh (now airsh)
DEV-11864 Airwall Gateway-150 HIPswitch-150 Fixed an Airwall Gateway-150 issue where the cellular LED indicators did not function properly following the first reboot after inserting the AW-150 cellular module.
DEV-11858 Conductor End Remote Session button activity is missing from PCI user activities
DEV-11844 Conductor Blank Provider name for OpenID connect leads to blank dropdown list item
DEV-11830 Conductor Able to authenticate user auth using expired password
DEV-11829 Conductor Unable to log in legacy users without email
DEV-11824 Conductor Deleting the people group doesn't remove the tag from the Airwall Edge Services
DEV-11823 Android and iOS Airwall Agents HIPclient-Android, HIPclient-iOS Prevent users from clicking multiple times on Login and Sign in
DEV-11819 macOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-OSX Doing anything in the macOS Airwall Agent closes your user auth session
DEV-11815 Conductor Add notice or block transparent mode when multiple overlay port groups are configured.
DEV-11807 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch Ping all devices on High-Availability Standby in failover mode
DEV-11804 Cloud Route injection was not performed on Conductor reboot or upgrade
DEV-11794 Linux Airwall Agent HIPclient-Linux WiFi scanning is now available on the Linux Airwall Agent
DEV-11785 Conductor Conductor should remove remote session button on disabling global user auth
DEV-11778 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch HTTP GET overlay monitor confused when multiple port groups
DEV-11772 iOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-iOS iOS Airwall Agent user auth alert icon on Dashboard doesn't work on click
DEV-11769 iOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-iOS iOS Airwall Agent not getting overlay device IP updates
DEV-11733 Conductor Airwall Gateway High-Availability, you get incorrect status after failover: primary Airwall Gateway status reports OK (tunneling)
DEV-11732 Airwall Gateway-150 HIPswitch-150 Fixed an issue where Quectel cellular expansion modules would sometimes fail to connect to AT&T's LTE network and instead fall back to 3g / UMTS.
DEV-11727 Licensing Denied license request not cleared after import of synced encrypted package
DEV-11698 Airwall Gateway-300v HA HIPswitch-300v Airwall Gateway-300v High-Availability member went offline after removing High Availability settings
DEV-11684 Conductor Starting concurrent packet captures on the same Airwall Gateway appears to work, then fails with "An error occurred communicating with the server"
DEV-11680 Android Airwall Agent HIPapp-Android Airwall Agent Invitations Decline and Conductor hidden in landscape view
DEV-11677 Conductor Conductor ports config permits network address as overlay IP
DEV-11656 Airwall Gateway-150 HIPswitch-150 In firmware versions 2.2.0, 2.2.1, and 2.2.2, a regression caused the link LEDs for Airwall Gateway-150 port 5 (SFP) to not operate when port 5 is assigned to an Overlay port group. This is fixed in firmware version 2.2.3. Note: The SFP port LEDs turn on and stay solid when the Airwall Gateway has not been managed in a Conductor. This issue will be addressed in a future release.
DEV-11651 Conductor Airwall Gateway Ports page doesn't display IP or MAC address after configuring
DEV-11645 Conductor OpenID user auth login requires re-authentication
DEV-11516 Conductor Device import allows device with arbitrary name/description length
DEV-11499 iOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-iOS iOS Airwall Agent shows LSI for NAT'd devices on overlay networks page

Airwall Agents

Airwall Servers



Changing overlay IP conf. back to NAT requires Airwall Agent restart
DEV-11459 Conductor iOS Airwall Agent doesn't show up on Conductor
DEV-11343 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch The port detection part of hardware detection was made more reliable, for upgrades and during each boot on certain platforms.
DEV-11103 Conductor A device's port group can now be seen and edited from the Airwall Gateway's "local devices" tab.
DEV-11013 macOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-OSX Switching profile doesn't forget about user auth sign-in
DEV-10960 macOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-OSX If you add wrong credentials for user auth on macOS, it won't ask you to enter again
DEV-10887 Linux Airwall Server HIPserver-Linux Linux Airwall Server DNS server settings do not seem to have any effect
DEV-10665 macOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-OSX macOS 10.15 requires app notarization by default
DEV-10592 Cloud-Azure do not require reboot to get the route table ID
DEV-10555 Cloud-AWS Better user error for auth failure due to time difference

Linux, macOS, and Windows Airwall Agents

Airwall Gateways





Mac Airwall Agent receives routes for disabled overlays
DEV-9857 iOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-iOS do not allow access to private key when phone is locked
DEV-9253 Conductor Smart Device Groups will not add Airwall Agents and Airwall Servers using tag matches.
DEV-9204 Conductor Airwall Gateway Underlay IP NAT field shouldn't accept CIDRs
DEV-9122 macOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-OSX macOS Airwall Agent publishes IP of random interface as an Underlay IP
DEV-8929 Windows Airwall Agent HIPclient-Win Tray app doesn't start after unattended install
DEV-8742 Conductor Add better error messaging for the initial Conductor voucher failures

Known Issues

ID Applies to Formerly Known As Description
DEV-12744 Airwall Gateways HIPswitches Customers with Conductor HA and Airwall Gateways version 2.2.1 or earlier might see connectivity issues when using User Authentication. Recommendation: Upgrade Conductors and Airwall Gateways to version 2.2.3 Workaround: After upgrades, if you still see connectivity issues, restart the primary Conductor.
DEV-12710 airsh hipsh Customers need to update each cell value individually when using airsh to configure the cell modems
DEV-12697 airsh hipsh The console command "airsh log" does not display the log file on a virtual Airwall Gateway. The 300v log file is now located at /etc/asguard/system/messages.
DEV-12692 API The API docs navigation section does not work properly in Chrome v80. Use Firefox or Safari to view the API docs.
DEV-12645 Android Airwall Agent HIPClient-Android When creating a new profile and starting the app for the first time there is a chance the "Upgrade Needed" page will be displayed. This is an error and the user should simply click cancel and start the app again. This may only happen the first time you create the profile.
DEV-12521 Airwall Gateway HIPswitch TPM usage is disabled by default for all Airwall Gateways due to the amount of time it takes to complete an RSA signature and frequency of RSA signatures when connected via a relay. This will be addressed in a future version.
DEV-12513 Cloud Azure Conductor occasionally gives "Net::ReadTimeout" error when user tries to deploy an Azure Airwall Gateway 300v or server. This doesn't indicate that the deployment has failed. Go to the Azure portal and check the actual deployment result.
DEV-12303 macOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-OSX Upgrading macOS Airwall Agent from 2.2.1 to 2.2.3 requires uninstalling the 2.2.1 Airwall Agent, installing the 2.2.3 Airwall Agent, and replacing the old profile with new profile on Conductor.
DEV-12290 macOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-OSX User approval needed to complete macOSAirwall Agent installation. From macOS High Sierra onwards, you need to allow the system extension com.tempered.tuntaposx.tap, or simply tap.kext, required by the Airwall Agent. In the System Preferences, on the Security and Privacy page, open the General tab. Where it says system software was blocked from loading, click Allow. macOS only shows this allow message for a limited time (30mins). The installer will wait for you to allow the extension.
DEV-12268 Conductor Firmware version on Conductor is not getting updated until macOS Airwall Agent is restarted
DEV-11578 Android Airwall Agent HIPclient-Android Do not change the LSI prefix to match a peer address.
DEV-9542 iOS Airwall Agent HIPclient-iOS Cannot generate a Support Bundle from the Conductor for an iOS Airwall Agent when the Conductor is in High Availability mode. You can instead generate a Support Bundle from the iOS Airwall Agent