Release Notes 2.2.11 Hotfix – Conductor HF-1

Release Date: Apr 13, 2021

This is a hotfix to release v2.2.11 for Conductors. See Release Notes 2.2.11 for more additions in version 2.2.11. Download 2.2.11 Conductor HF-1 from Hotfixes.

Update Considerations

Update to this 2.2.11 Conductor hotfix if you:
  • Want to use device groups for bypass devices
  • Want to use GRE keys to disambiguate mirrored traffic
  • Have an Airwall Gateway reporting bypass not enabled after enabling
  • Cannot select all Airwall Gateways when creating link failover events


ID Applies to Description
DEV-15577 Conductor Fixed an issue where a Device Group with more than two DNS Bypass Destinations could not be added to an Overlay Network.
DEV-15564 Conductor Fixed an issue where the GRE key field wasn't being published for port mirror destinations.
DEV-15552 Conductor Full OpenID Connect tokens are printed in the webapp log at debug level to make it easier to integrate Conductor with OIDC providers.
DEV-15545 Conductor LDAP and OpenID Connect groups containing commas are now supported. Commas in group names can now be escaped if used. For example,enter 123\,foo, 456\,bar to match groups 123,foo and 456,bar.
DEV-15542 Conductor Fixed an issue that could cause the Conductor to reject policies with a bypass destination in some situations.
DEV-15524 Airwall Gateways Fixed an issue where Airwall Gateways were sometimes not broadcasting all of their monitor capabilities.
DEV-15415 Conductor If a user is blocked by any Access window in any people group, they are now blocked from completing user auth.
DEV-15380 Conductor Fixed an issue where deleting a device that is being used as a port mirroring destination could prevent port mirroring config changes on that Airwall Gateway.

Known Issues

See Release Notes 2.2.11 for known issues.