Linux Airwall Server or macOS Airwall Agent interface selection

The Linux Airwall Server and macOS Airwall Agent implement an interface auto-selection method. When you first install the Airwall Agent or Server, Linux or macOS determines the default gateway of the host and uses the associated network interface.

Note: Auto-selection is per profile.


If your Linux Airwall Server or macOS Airwall Agent is reporting as online, but doesn't seem to be working, check that the correct network interface is selected in the profile. This can be done by modifying hip.conf in the associated profile directory.

Example - List details of the active profile:

sudo airctl profile details --active

root@ubuntu-system-files:~# airctl profile details <profile_name>
profile_dir: profile1
profile_name: myprofile
network: ens4
log_level: info

You can find the settings for the active profile in the profile1 folder under /opt/tnw/profiles/profile1. In that folder, open hip.conf, and change the master_interface key to the network interface you need.