Create a Tag

To quickly create a tag, hover in an Tag column or box, and click the edit icon that appears. Enter a new tag, select the check mark or press Enter to add it, and then select Save.

To set advanced options on a tab, go to the Tags page:

  1. In the upper right corner of the Conductor, select the Tag icon tag icon to open the Tags page.
  2. Select Create tag.

    Tags dialog box

  3. Enter a Name for your tag.
  4. Under Who can use this tag?, select the permissions you want to set for the tag.
  5. Under Tag background color and Tag text color, choose colors, and check the example for the result.
  6. Under Tag priority, set the priority for the tag. Use this to set relative priorities for tags. The tag with the lowest number takes precedence over tags with higher numbers.
  7. Under Expire tag usage after this duration, set an expiration duration, if needed. Leave it set to 0 to make the tag permanent.
  8. To remove the tag if it is not used, check Auto-remove tag if unused.
  9. Select Create.