Edit Tags

Note: You can only edit tags for items that you have permission to edit.

  1. In the upper right corner of the Conductor, select the Tag icon tag icon to open the Tags page.
  2. Open tag you want to edit.
  3. The Navigation tab shows everything tagged with this tag. You can click the Name of an item to open it.
    Tags Navigation tab
  4. On the Actions tab, you can:
    • RefreshRefresh expiration time for any expiring tagged items. You can check the expiration settings on the Properties tab.
    • Enable or DisableEnable or disable communications for all tagged items. Select the confirmation message Yes please...let's do this! to continue, or select Cancel to cancel.
    • UntagRemove the tag from all items, but not from rules, event actions, or user authentication.
    Tags Actions tab
  5. On the Properties tab, you can change any of the settings for the tab. For descriptions, see Create a Tag.
    Tags Properties tab
  6. Select Save if you want to save any changes to the tag.