Manage Tag Ownership

Manage who can see and edit tags.

With v3.1.0, the tag ownership rules have changed to be more restrictive by default. If a system administrator creates a tag, by default, only system administrators can see or use them. If a network administrator creates a tag, ownership defaults to only them or their people group, and system administrators. This change allows you to have department or customer-specific tags that only members of specific people groups can see and use.

Note: This change does not affect existing tags that will keep their existing ownership.

Supported versions
  • v3.1.0 Conductors
  • All Airwall Edge Services
Supported Roles
To set tag permissions, you must be the owner of the tag, or a system administrator
  1. In the upper right corner of the  Conductor, select the Tag  icon  tag icon to open the Tags page.
  2. Select a tag to manage, or create a new one by selecting  Create tag.
  3. On the tag’s Properties tab, under Who can use this tag, select who you want to have access to this tag. You can select Members of a people group, and then under Tag people group, select the people group to give access to.
    Tag properties tab showing how to set the tag owner