Create or Manage Tags Inline

You can access tags from several places in the Conductor, both from the tables on the Overlays, Devices, Airwalls, or People pages, and on the page for a specific resource, such as an Airwall Gateway.

You can tag items permanently, until you untag them, or set an expiration date, which untags an item after a period of time.

  1. Access the tag from one of these places:
    • Next to Tags on some pages.
    • By selecting Edit Settings on a page.
    • On any page with a table that has a Tags column.
  2. Create or manage them inline:
    • To add or create a tag – Hover in the column and click the edit icon that appears. Type a new or existing tag, select the check mark or press Enter to add it, and then select Save.
    • To remove a tag from a resource – Click the X on the tag.
    • To manage a tag – Click the tag to open it, and edit on the Actions or Properties tabs for the tag. See Edit Tags.
    • To navigate to a tagged resource – Click the tag to open it, and select other items that have that tag to go there.
To delete a tag from the Conductor, see Delete Tags.