2.2.3 macOS Airwall Agent Upgrade Instructions

If you have a previous version of the macOS/OSX Airwall Agent (formerly HIPclient) installed, follow these instructions to upgrade to 2.2.3:

Note: This action requires administrator rights on the device.
  1. Check if you have this file on your Mac: /Applications/TemperedNetworksHIP.app. If not, you can upgrade as normal. If it is there, continue to step 2.
  2. In your current Airwall Agent (HIPclient) menu, select Configure.
  3. Note the Device ID and Conductor URL for each profile.
  4. Go to the About menu, and select Uninstall.
  5. Install the 2.2.3 macOS Airwall Agent.
  6. Add a new profile for each of the Conductor URLs noted in Step 3. These new profiles will create new provisioning requests for each profile in the Conductor.
  7. For the new profiles, a Conductor administrator needs to replace the old profiles with the new profiles. For more details, see Replace an Airwall Edge Service.