Restore or replace a Conductor database backup

Note: The Conductor database can be restored using a backup file; however, all changes to the Conductor configuration made after database backup creation will be lost.

To restore a Conductor from a previously created database backup, go to Settings, and select Restore a database backup. Choose the database backup file and click Upload.

Important: A Conductor cannot be restored using a database backup taken while running a previous firmware version.

Upgrade or replace a Conductor

If you are upgrading or replacing your Conductor, we strongly recommend that you first create a database backup as described above and download to your desktop or similar. Once the Conductor database backup has been created and downloaded, do not make any configuration changes. When the replacement Conductor is online, navigate to and login as the System Administrator. Go to Settings, select Restore a database backup, choose the database backup file and click Upload. Next, take the existing Conductor offline and set the network configuration of the replacement Conductor so it is identical to the network configuration of the existing Conductor. Your Airwall Edge Services will begin communicating with the new Conductor. You can verify status in the Dashboard of the Conductor.