Protected devices with DHCP

If you have protected devices that use DHCP to obtain an IP address, you need to configure DHCP on the Airwall Gateway that protects that device.

Note: You must have an overlay gateway IP address on the Overlay port group on which you are enabling DHCP.

To use DHCP to configure protected devices with IP addresses:

  1. On the Airwalls page, select the Airwall Gateway to which the device or devices belong.
  2. On the Ports tab, open the Overlay you are enabling DHCP on.
  3. Under DHCP Settings, click Configure.
  4. Under DHCP Configuration, select DHCP server.
  5. Enter the range of IP addresses in the Start and End boxes.
  6. Enter the netmask.
  7. Under Gateway, enter the IP address of the Airwall Gateway.
  8. Optional. Enter DNS server information, if required.
  9. Click Apply.

Protected devices are now dynamically assigned IP address when connected to the Airwall Gateway.