One-arm mode

You can configure an Airwall Gateway to use a single network connection in cases where you want to prevent common routing errors caused by multiple interfaces.

One-arm mode is simple to configure, but consider the following before configuring an Airwall Gateway in one-arm mode.
  • You cannot place an Airwall Gateway in transparent mode while in one-arm mode
    • You must use a wired port. One-arm mode will not function using a wireless or cellular interface.
    • The overlay IP and netmask in Local Devices -> Device Network Configuration is ignored; however, the information is retained if you revert your settings from one-arm mode later.
    • Overlay routes on the Local Devices tab are also ignored but retained if you revert.

Configure one-arm mode

To configure an Airwall Gateway for one-arm mode:
  1. Select the desired Airwall Gateway from the Airwalls tab in the Conductor.
  2. Select the Airwalls tab and click Edit Settings
  3. In the Advanced Configuration section, uncheck Enable spanning tree protocol
  4. Click Update Settings
  5. Select the Local Devices tab and click Edit Settings
  6. In the Configuration section, uncheck Enable device discovery
  7. In the Device Network Configuration section, uncheck Enable NAT and Enable source NAT
  8. In the Local Device DHCP section, uncheck Enable DHCP server
  9. Click Update Settings
  10. Select the Ports tab and then Shared Network
  11. Click Edit Settings
  12. In the Port 1 section, select Static from the Protocol drop-down and enter the IP address, netmask, and any other required fields for your shared network
  13. Click Update Settings
    Note: You will get a message that the Airwall Gateway is reconnecting.

    Once the configuration process is complete, you will get a Network configuration successful message.

  14. Select the Port assignment tab and click Edit Settings
  15. For Port 1, select Dual-Use (Shared + Device) from the Assigned to drop-down
  16. For Port 2, select Disabled from the Assigned to drop-down
  17. Click Update Settings
  18. In the Confirm Dual-Use Port Configuration dialog, click OK
  19. The Airwall Gateway will re-configure and you will receive the same messages you received when configuring the port assignments
Your Airwall Gateway is now correctly configured for dual-use mode.