Network address translation (NAT)

Network Address Translation (NAT) translates an IP address in one network to a different IP address in another network. The two IP addresses are referred to as the External IP address and the Internal IP address. The External IP address is the IP address of the device in the overlay network and the Internal IP address is the actual IP address of the device.

NAT is used in conjunction with Airwall Gateway subnet routing. To use NAT, the private IP address of a local device must be in a different subnet than the public IP address of a remote device. For example, if a local device's private IP address is, the device cannot be reached by a remote device that is configured with a public IP address of, assuming a subnet mask of

To enable NAT on a device or multiple devices:

  1. Go to Airwalls and select the Airwall Gateway to which the device or devices belong.
  2. Select Local Devices and click Edit Settings.
  3. Check Enable NAT and enter the gateway external IP address.
  4. Click Update Settings to save the configuration.