Set DNS servers on an Airwall Agent or Server

This option is only available on v2.2.11 or later Airwall Agents and Servers on platforms that support setting DNS servers, currently macOS, Windows, and Linux.

  1. In Conductor, go to Airwalls, and open the page for the v2.2.11 or later Airwall Agent or Server for which you want to set the DNS servers.
  2. On the Airwall agent tab, scroll down to the DNS servers line.
    Note: If the option is not available, it’s not supported on that platform or version.
  3. Click the DNS servers line to edit.
  4. Enter DNS Server IP addresses, separated by commas. For example, enter,
    Line where you set DNS Servers on a Conductor Airwall Agent or Server page
  5. Select the check mark to save or the X to cancel.
The Airwall Agent or Server now uses the specified DNS servers when connected to the Conductor.