Troubleshoot Initial Airwall Gateway connections

Here are some things to check if you are having trouble connecting your Airwall Gateway to your Conductor or underlay network.

  • Check that the information you've entered for your WiFi or cellular service are correct.
  • If you have a wired connection, check that it is connected to correct port for your Airwall Gateway. See your platform guide for instructions.
  • Try pinging:
    • Ping the Conductor in Airshell:

      airsh>> ping Conductor_IP_address

    • Ping a well-known service (such as Google DNS to check for Internet connectivity:

      airsh>> ping

    • Ping the default gateway for your network.

    If pinging fails, get a packet capture from the Airwall Gateway and see where the ping is failing. For more information, see Do a packet capture for an Airwall Gateway.

  • Check that the interface has IP. You can get the IP address using the Airshell status command:

    airsh>> status network

    airsh>> status cell

    airsh>> status wifi

  • Check that the default route and link are up.
  • Check that the following ports are open in your network firewall:
    • UDP 10500 - Check that both inbound and outbound connections are allowed.
    • TCP 8096 - Check that inbound connections are allowed.

    To verify that TCP 8096 is working through any firewall connections:

    netcat: nc –vz <Conductor-IP> port 8096