Airwall Gateway AV3200g Hardware Installation Guide

This is an installation guide for the Airwall Gateway AV3200g hardware. The Airwall Gateway AV3200g is an Advantech ICR-3241 model router with pre-installed Airwall firmware.

Note: The Airwall Gateway AV3200g is a similar platform to the Airwall Gateway 110g.

Follow this guide to set up basic network connectivity for an Airwall Gateway AV3200g, and provision the gateway on the Airwall Conductor. The Conductor is the central configuration and management point for your Airwall secure network, and manages trust between devices and Airwall Gateways on your network. These instructions are based on Airwall Gateways and Conductor v2.2.8 and later.


To bring the Airwall Gateway online, you need:
  • the Conductor IP address or URL that the Airwall Gateway connects to
  • a network cable to connect the Airwall Gateway to your network or a valid SIM card if you are only connecting via a cellular network
  • a network cable to connect your computer to the Airwall Gateway during set up, and subsequently to connect your protected devices

Airwall Gateway AV3200g panel layout

Figure 1. Airwall Gateway AV3200g panel layout

  • 6 seconds: put the Airwall in diagnostic mode
  • 8 seconds: restore the default factory configuration
PWR Terminal block for the power supply
ETH0 Port 1: ethernet connection to the network
ETH1 Port 2:
  • During set up: connection for your laptop
  • After set up: connection for the device or devices you want to protect
SIM Sim card for optional cellular connectivity.
Note: Unscrew the cover to access SIM1. SIM2 is not supported.

Connecting the Airwall Gateway AV3200g to the network and the Conductor

Complete the following steps to connect an Airwall Gateway AV3200g to your network.

For provisioning, place the Airwall Gateway where it can reach the Conductor on your shared network.
Note: The Airwall assigns an IP address on the network, so your computer connected to ETH1 must be set up for DHCP.
  1. Locate the Airwall Gateway in an area that complies with the safe operating guidelines, and then plug it in with the supplied power cord.
  2. Connect the Airwall Gateway to a network that has network access to the Conductor (your company network or the Internet) using the ETH0 port.
  3. Connect a computer to the Airwall Gateway's ETH1 port and press the RST button for 6 seconds. After 6 seconds all the LED lights blink off. Release the button immediately. The status LED blinks to indicate the Airwall Gateway is in diagnostic mode.
    Important: Do not continue pressing the Multi-Purpose or Reset button after 7 seconds as this will reset the Airwall Gateway to factory settings.
  4. When you see that you have an IP address on the network subnet, verify that you can reach the Airwall by pinging from your computer.
  5. Open a web browser on your computer and go to to access the Airwall Gateway diagnostic page.

  6. To edit the Conductor, select Edit Settings. Make your selections and select Update Settings.
  7. In the upper right corner click Reboot to take the airwall out of diagnostic mode.
    Note: After restarting, the Airwall Gateway may require up to 3 minutes to return to operating mode.

    The Airwall Gateway should now be recognized in the Conductor, showing up on the Provisioning tab, the Licensing tab, or on the Airwalls page as ready to manage. Once the Airwall Gateway is connected to the Conductor, you can manage and configure it there.

  8. Remove the cable from your computer and connect the devices you want to protect to the Airwall Gateway on the ETH1 port.

License and Manage the Airwall Gateway in the Conductor

You need to Add Airwall Edge Service Licenses to the Conductor before you can provision and license Airwall Gateways. Airwall Edge Services include Airwall Gateways as well as Airwall Agents and Servers that allow people to connect their devices to your Airwall secure network.

To complete this step, a Conductor administrator must license and manage the Airwall Gateways. For instructions, see Provision and License Airwall Edge Services.

Once complete, Conductor administrators can configure the Airwall Gateways in the Conductor.