Set up physical Airwall Gateways

Before you begin installing your Airwall Gateway, ensure that you already have the Conductor installed and configured. After you are finished installing your Airwall Gateway, you can begin connecting devices.

A Tempered Airwall Gateway allows your organization to create an identity-based, secure and private global connected network. It creates a zero-trust Software Defined Perimeter (SDP), using the Airwall Gateway to establish the perimeter of your logical airgap. This perimeter can be deep in your network, closer to the data source, providing security for your IoT/ IIoT devices. It provides security for devices that can’t protect themselves.

Important: You should familiarize yourself with your model's front panel layout, specifications, power requirements, and safety warnings before use. Also, you should review the procedure for connecting your Airwall Gateway to your Conductor. This information can be found in your model's Platform Guide, included with your Airwall Gateway. If you are unable to locate your Platform Guide, you can download a PDF from the Documentation Downloads section of the Documentation Center.

To install and connect Airwall Gateways

To install Airwall Gateways and connect them to the Conductor, you must first apply power to the Airwall Gateway hardware. Once booted, you can configure an Airwall Gateway to connect to the Conductor in one of these ways: