Set up 75-series hardware

The Airwall Conductor is the central configuration and management point for all Airwall Edge Services. The fastest method to configure and connect your Airwall Gateway to the Conductor is from the console port.

  1. Connect the Airwall Gateway to a network shared with the Conductor.
  2. Connect a computer to the 75-series Airwall using the micro USB console port located on the back.
  3. Using a terminal (macOS, Linux) or terminal emulator (Windows), connect to the Airwall using baud rate 115200.
  4. At the login prompt, log in with name: airsh, no password. (For v2.2.3 and earlier, the password is airsh).
  5. Use conductor set to set the Conductor IP address or URL and port (optional), or remove a Conductor URL. For example: conductor set my-conductor.tempered.
  6. Turn the power off and back on again.
The Airwall Gateway should now be recognized in the Conductor.
For alternate methods provisioning the Airwall including automatically adding Airwall Gateways as they connect to the network, go to Connect Airwall Gateways to the Conductor.