Set up Advantech hardware

Airwall Gateway AV3200g firmware can be installed on an Advantech ICR-32xx model routers. The Airwall Gateway firmware supports Ethernet and Cell, as well as Serial port access and Serial over IP. It does not currently support Wifi or the second SIM socket on this unit. If you are interested in this option, please contact Tempered Sales at for licensing information and to get started.

Convert an Advantech ICR-32xx Router into an Airwall Gateway

Supported Versions
  • v3.0 and later Airwall Gateways
  • v2.2.13 and later Conductor
  • Advantech Airwall Gateway installer file
  • Ethernet connection from your laptop (containing the installer file) to the router
  • Advantech Airwall Gateway license

You can convert an Advantech ICR-3241 router into an Airwall Gateway (replacing the Advantech firmware). You can then use it to protect devices and connect to the Conductor for your Airwall secure network as you would with the physical Airwall Gateway hardware available from Tempered.

The Advantech Airwall Gateway firmware currently supports these features in the Advantech hardware:

  • Ethernet and Cell
  • Serial port access
  • Serial over IP

It does not currently support Wi-Fi, or the second SIM socket on this unit.

Convert the Advantech router to an Airwall Gateway

  1. Download the Airwall Gateway firmware – Download the latest Airwall Gateway AV3200g firmware installer: Latest firmware and software. The Airwall Gateway installer contains Tempered Airwall Gateway and cellular firmware.
  2. Connect a laptop and log in to the Advantech router
    1. Connect a laptop that contains the installer file to the Advantech router using an ethernet cable.
    2. Log in to the router’s web configuration interface using the instructions that come with your router. (The default user is “root” with the unique default password printed on a label on the bottom side of the router.)
      Note: If you need to back up your router configuration, do it before continuing. See your Advantech router instructions for details.
  3. Upload and install the Airwall Gateway firmware
    1. On the Advantech router menu, go to Customization > User Modules.
    2. Select Choose File, browse to and select the Advantech firmware file downloaded above, and then select Add or Update. Wait about a minute for the file to fully upload and unpack.

      Upload the Tempered Airwall gateway .tgz file

    3. When you get the message that the module upload was successful, select Back to return to the list of User Modules.
    4. From the list, select Airwall Gateway Installer to start the install of the Airwall Gateway 3200g firmware.
    5. When the Installer starts, it opens a page where you can optionally configure your new Airwall Gateway (recommended). Enter any settings you want to pre-configure, then select Save Settings and Install Airwall Gateway firmware.

      Pre-configure the Airwall Gateway when installing

    6. When you get the message that settings (if any) have been saved, select Install Firmware.
    7. Track the install process on the screen. The entire install process should take about 3 minutes.
  4. Restart the Router – When you get the message that the firmware was successfully installed, select Reboot to Airwall Gateway Firmware. This reboots the router using the Airwall Gateway firmware.
Once you have installed the Airwall Gateway AV3200g firmware on the Advantech hardware, you can configure and connect your Airwall Gateway to the Conductor from the console port.
Note: If you did not pre-configure the Airwall Gateway during installation, you can put it into diagnostic mode to configure it. See Put an Airwall Gateway into diagnostic mode.