Configure Port Groups with Airshell

You can use Airshell to add, delete, and configure port groups on an Airwall Gateway, including adding an Overlay IP.

Supported Versions
2.2.10 and later Airwall Gateways
Supported on these Airwall Edge Services
All Airwall Gateways

Before you begin

By default, port 1 of the Airwall Gateway is an underlay port set to acquire its IP address using DHCP. To configure the underlay port with a static IP address, you’ll need:
  • IP address/subnet, gateway, and DNS servers for the port group.
  • If you are using DHCP, set up your DHCP server on your network.
Note: This procedure uses the conf net menus, but you can accomplish the same thing in one command. Enter help conf net to see options, and see the one command example after the procedure.

Set up port groups on an Airwall Gateway

  1. Connect a computer or Set up Remote Access to Airshell via SSH to access it remotely.
  2. Log in to Airshell. For information on how, see Airshell (airsh) Command Reference.
  3. At the airsh>> prompt, type:
    airsh>> conf network

    Airshell displays the Port Groups configuration menu:

    Port Groups:
      1: Underlay Port Group 1 [underlay]
         (static) gateway: dns:
      2: Overlay Port Group 1 [overlay]
      a. Add port group
      d. Delete port group
      s. Save port group changes
      q. Quit (cancel changes)
    Note: You can also accomplish the same thing in one command. Enter help conf net to see options.
  4. Follow the menus to configure the port groups and port group settings for the Airwall Gateway. Type q to back up to the main menu, then type s to save your changes.

    For more information about editing port groups and port group settings, see Set up Port Groups on an Airwall Gateway.

For example, here's how you add an Overlay IP address:

One command line:

airsh conf net modify pg="Overlay Port Group 1" ip=[ip_in_CIDR_format]

Using the conf net menus:

  1. At the airsh>> prompt, type:

    airsh>> conf network

  2. Select 2 to edit Overlay Port Group 1.
  3. Select a to add an Overlay IP group. This adds a static IP address.
  4. Select 1 (one) to change the static IP address. Airshell displays the IP configuration menu:
    Configuring IP for Port Group 1
      t. Toggle dhcp/static  (static)
         i. IP address       (not set)
         g. Gateway          (not set)
         d. DNS Servers      (not set)
      q. Quit to previous menu
  5. Select i to enter an IP.
  6. Enter the IP address you want in CIDR format, and press Enter.
  7. Select q twice to go back to the main menu, and then select s to save the configuration.