Step 3: Configure the Network Adapter on the Conductor Virtual Machine

  1. In the Hyper-V Manager, select the Conductor virtual machine.
  2. On the right, under Actions, select Start. It will take a few minutes for the Conductor virtual machine to initialize.
  3. Select Connect, which opens a terminal window, and then type airsh to get into Airshell.
  4. Type conf network and press Enter. If the system is still starting up, it will let you know. When it brings up the Configure network adapters menu, you can proceed.
    Airshell conf network menu in Hyper-V Manager
  5. Type 1 or 2 and follow the menu to configure adapter 1. You may want to set the IP to its actual address on the network. Set the following options, as needed:
    • IP address – Set to the IP for the Virtual Machine on the network.
    • Netmask – Set as needed.
    • Default gateway – Set as needed.
    • DNS – Set to your preferred DNS server, so the Conductor can access the Tempered Licensing Server.
  6. Type q to quit to the main menu, then s to save your changes.
  7. Type q again to quit to the main Airshell screen. You may need to type reboot to restart the Conductor.