Step 1: Create a new Conductor virtual machine

  1. In Hyper-V Manager, under Actions, select New > Virtual Machine, and then select Next.
  2. Give the Conductor a descriptive name (for example, Cond-v3.0.3), and select Next.
    Hyper-V Manager Specify Name and Location of your new Virtual Machine
  3. Under Specify Generation, select Generation 1, and select Next.
  4. Under Assign Memory:
    • Startup Memory – Enter no less than 8192 MB. Hardware Conductors ship with 8 GB or more.
    • Use Dynamic Memory for this virtual machine – Leave clear.

    Select Next.

  5. Under Configure Networking, you will set that up later, so select Next.
  6. Under Connect Virtual Hard Disk, select Use an existing virtual hard disk and then select Browse.
    Connect a Virtual Hard disk
  7. Go to and select the Conductor*.vhdx file you downloaded, and select Open.
  8. Select Next, then Finish.
    Important: Do not start the virtual machine yet. You need to finish the configuration before you start it. If you already started it, you will need to delete the virtual machine and start over.