Step 2: Configure the Conductor virtual machine

  1. With the new virtual machine selected, on the right, select Settings.
  2. Open Processor, and under Number of virtual processors, select 8. Select Apply.
    Settings for the Conductor VM: Processors
  3. Open IDE Controller 0. Select Hard Drive, then Add. This is a second hard drive for the data partition.
  4. Configure a new Virtual hard disk for the data partition – On the Hard Drive page, under Virtual hard disk, select New and configure the drive:
    • Choose Disk Format – Select VHDX. Select Next.
    • Choose Disk Type – Select Fixed Size. Select Next.
    • Specify Name and Location – Enter a descriptive name, and keep the default location. Select Next.
    • Configure Disk – Select Create a new blank virtual hard disk and for Size, enter 15 GB. Select Next.
    • Summary – Check your details, and select Finish.
    Settings for the Conductor VM: Virtual Hard Disk
  5. Wait while Hyper-V creates the new virtual hard disk. This process can take up to 15 minutes.
  6. Add a second Network Adaptor – Still under the new Conductor virtual machine Settings, at the top, select Add Hardware. Select Network Adapter, and then select Add.
  7. Attach Network Adapters – Now you will assign the network adapters for your Conductor:
    1. Select the first Network Adapter, and under Virtual switch, attach it to your Administration network (or your underlay, if they are the same), and select Apply to save.
      Connect the first network adapter to your overlay
    2. Configure the second Network Adapter, if needed, and select Apply to save.
  8. Select Ok to exit the Settings page.