Connect to the console port using Linux or macOS

In a Terminal window, do the following:

  1. Find the serial interface name. You can look in the dev folder for a tty* file, or use |grep tty and press Enter to obtain the name of the serial interface.

  2. Locate the interface in the list. In the example below, the interface is /dev/tty/usbserial.

    Note: If you have multiple serial devices attached to your computer, using the command with the Airwall Gateway disconnected and then reconnected may help you determine which interface belongs to the Airwall Gateway.
  3. Use a TTY terminal app to enter the serial interface and name and baud rate. For example, enter screen, the serial interface name, and the baud rate 115200. Press Enter.

  4. Press Enter again. You may have to do this several times until the login prompt appears.

  5. Log in with username: airsh and password airsh.
  6. You can now use airsh commands to configure or run diagnostics. The two most commonly used commands are diag, which places the Airwall Gateway in diagnostic mode and conductor set, which tells the Airwall Gateway where to find the Conductor.

    For a list of commands, see Airshell (airsh) Command Reference.