Connect to the console port using Windows

You can connect to an Airwall Gateway equipped with a console port to configure or run diagnostics using airsh.

Note: If you're using an Airwall Gateway running a version earlier than 2.2.3, replace airsh with hipsh in the instructions below.
  1. Connect a computer to the Airwall Gateway – Plug a computer in using the micro USB console port. For the location of the console port, see the platform guide for your hardware.
  2. Connect to the Airwall Gateway - Using a terminal emulator, connect to the Airwall Gateway using baud rate 115200.
  3. Log in to airsh - At the login prompt, log in with: name: airsh, password: airsh.
You can now run airsh commands to configure or run diagnostics on the Airwall Gateway. Examples:
  • diag - Enter diag to put the Airwall Gateway into Diagnostics mode.
  • conductor set - Set the Conductor URL:
    conductor set <conductor IP address or URL>

    For example,

    conductor set

For more information, see Airshell (airsh) Command Reference.