Set Modbus-TCP

Use Modbus-TCP now available in firmware 2.1.6 to enable data transmission between devices using the Airwall Gateway serial interface.

  1. Connect an RS-232 Modbus Program Logic Controller (PLC) to your Airwall Gateway using a DB9-to-DB9 or DB9-to-RJ45 cable.
    Note: RS-485 is supported by the HIPswitch-250, but others will require an adapter.
  2. Go to Airwalls>Airwalls>Ports>Serial over IP
  3. Click Edit Settings, and then configure SoIP using the Modbus communications protocol.

  4. Add Modbus-TCP device to the Overlay and create policy
  5. Using Modbus Polling software, such as FieldTalk's ModPoll, test the configuration using a command such as the following: modpoll -m tcp -r 1 -c 125 -1