Set up Port Filtering on an Airwall Gateway

  1. In Conductor, open the page for the Airwall Gateway you want to set up port filtering for.
  2. Open the Local devices tab, and Port filtering subtab, and select Edit Settings.
  3. Under Enable port filtering, select Enabled.
    Note: With port filtering enabled, all communication from remote to local devices is disabled, and you create custom rules to tell the local Airwall Gateway what to allow as incoming connections to local devices.
  4. To allow remote devices to ping local devices, enable Allow incoming pings (ICMP) to allow remote devices to ping local devices.
  5. If you need to protect against Denial-of-service attacks, enable SYN flood protection.
  6. Under Custom rules, select Add Rule and set up the rules to allow traffic between the local devices behind this Airwall Gateway and remote devices behind other Airwall Gateways:
    1. Under Remote device and port range, select one or more remote devices you want to be able to communicate with local devices. Since remote devices usually use random port numbers when they attempt to connect, most of the time, leave the port range blank.
    2. Under Local device and port range, select one or more local devices you want to communicate with the selected remote devices. Since local device ports usually remain the same, specify the port range for the local devices.
    3. Under Protocol, if you are using TCP or UDP, specify the underlying communication protocol used by devices. If you are using a different IP protocol, select IP (any) from the Protocol list, which allows any IP protocol to be used.
      port filtering custom rules user interface
    4. Select Add Rule to add additional rules, as needed.
  7. When you are finished creating rules, select Update Settings to save your port filtering settings.

You must also add devices to an overlay and establish trust before communication is fully enabled. See Add and remove device trust.

For more information on Port Filtering, see Limit Device Traffic on an Airwall Gateway with Port Filtering.