Troubleshoot Connection issues for offline Airwall Edge Services

Here are the most common reasons an Airwall Edge Service is offline:

  • No power – The Airwall Edge Service or device (for example, laptop or cell phone) is off. Solution – Make sure power is on and the device is booted up.
  • Port is blocked – Port mapping is blocking traffic. Solution – Check that the following ports are open in your network firewall:
    • UDP 10500 - Check that both inbound and outbound connections are allowed.
    • TCP 8096 - Check that inbound connections are allowed.

    To verify that TCP 8096 is working through any firewall connections:

    netcat: nc –vz <Conductor-IP> port 8096

  • No network connection – There is no connection between the Conductor and the Airwall Edge Service. Solution – Check that they are both connected to a network with routes to each other.
  • Device is in Disconnected mode – An Airwall Agent or Server is in Disconnected mode. Solution – Temporarily suspend Disconnected mode while you troubleshoot.

If none of these suggestions help, see the additional troubleshooting topics below.