Connectivity checker

The Connectivity checker does a full analysis of the connectivity between two devices in your Airwall secure network.

Note: For connectivity diagnostic tools for Airwall Edge Services, go to Airwalls > Diagnostics > Check connectivity. For more information, see Check Airwall Edge Service Connectivity.
Supported Versions

v3.1 and later Conductor, and Airwall Edge Services at any version, though results are enhanced with v3.1.

Required Role
  • System or network administrators
  • Permissions to use the Airwall Edge Services that protect the devices between which you are checking connectivity.
Note: If you want to check an Airwall Agent or Server device that is operating in Disconnected mode, temporarily suspend Disconnected mode while you are running tests. See Disconnected Mode – Reduce Conductor traffic from Airwall Agents and Servers.
Note: If the Airwall Edge Service that the device is connected to is offline, see Troubleshoot Connection issues for offline Airwall Edge Services.
  1. There are several ways to get to the Connectivity checker to check connectivity for a device in the network:
    • From the page for the device, select Actions > Check connectivity.
    • From an overlay network diagram, right-click a device or the connection line between two devices, and select Check connectivity.
    • Go to Visibility > Connectivity tool.
  2. Under Source, select the device you want to check connectivity from.
  3. Under Destination, select the device you want to check connectivity to.
  4. Start a ping, or attempt to pass traffic, between the devices. Doing this provides the Connectivity checker with more information on device connectivity.
  5. Select Check connectivity.
  6. Once the checks are complete, see the Recommendations section for troubleshooting steps for any issues.
If both source and destination are online, the Conductor starts checking connectivity, and displays the results as they come in:
  • Connectivity tool processing icon (spinning circle) – Connectivity check in progress.
  • Connectivity tool green check (green check) – Connectivity check passed.
  • Connectivity tool red x (red x) – Connectivity check failed.
  • Connectivity tool relay score (Score) – Relay probe suitability score. Lower scores mean more suitable to be used as a relay.

If there are connectivity issues, the Conductor shows recommendations for fixing the issues.

Connectivity tool showing checks and recommendations

For more help in troubleshooting connectivity, see more Airwall Connectivity Tools. If the source or destination device is offline, see Troubleshoot Connection issues for offline Airwall Edge Services.