Check Airwall Edge Service Connectivity

Conductor diagnostics for Airwall Edge Services includes several tools for checking and troubleshooting connectivity.

Note: There is also a Connectivity checker that does a deeper analysis of device connections at Visibility > Connectivity. For more information, see Connectivity checker.
Supported Versions

v2.2.8 and later Conductor and Airwall Gateways

Required Role
System administrators, and network administrators with permissions to the edit the Airwall Gateways.
Note: If the Airwall Edge Service is offline, see Troubleshoot Connection issues for offline Airwall Edge Services.
Note: If you want to check a device that is operating in Disconnected mode, temporarily suspend it while running tests. See Disconnected Mode – Reduce Conductor traffic from Airwall Agents and Servers.
  1. Go to Airwalls and open the Airwall Edge Service you want to check.
  2. On the Airwall page, go to Diagnostics > Check Connectivity.
  3. Select the tool you need and follow the suggestions for remedies in each tool. For more information on each tool, see Airwall Connectivity Tools.
You can also create packet capture and diagnostic reports, or a support bundle to send to Tempered Customer Success (Customer Success):