Connect to a physical Airwall Gateway or Conductor with a console port

If your physical Airwall Gateway or Conductor is equipped with a console port (or your cloud or virtual provider allows console access), you can configure the Conductor URL and other options using a computer connected to the console port using airsh commands.

Note: For additional information about manually configuring a URL, see the Platform Guide for your Airwall Gateway model.
Note: For more information about the commands available for airsh, see Airshell (airsh) Command Reference.
  1. Connect to your network – Connect Port 1 of your Airwall Gateway to a network with access to your Conductor.
  2. Connect a computer to the Airwall Gateway console port – Plug in using the micro USB console port. Check your platform guide for the location of your console port, or see Connecting to the console port on an Airwall Gateway.
    1. Using a terminal (macOS, Linux) or terminal emulator (Windows), connect to the Airwall Gateway using baud rate 115200.
  3. Log in to the Console:
    • v2.2.8 and later: log in with name: airsh, and no password
    • v2.2.5 and earlier: log in with name: airsh, and password: airsh.
  4. Set the Conductor address - Set the Conductor IP address or URL (and port, if needed (optional)). For example:
    conductor set
    Tip: Ping the Conductor IP from the Airwall Gateway to make sure it can reach the Conductor.

    When the Airwall Gateway comes back online, it contacts the Conductor to request provisioning.

You can now:
Starting with v2.2.8, the Airshell console login has no default password. If you are concerned about securing physical access to Airshell, set a password by entering conf password and following the prompts to set and confirm a new password. Keep this password in a secure location, as it cannot be recovered. This password is only for airsh physical console access and is not used when you access airsh remotely.
CAUTION: If this password is lost, you will need to do a factory reset to clear the password.