High CPU load on a 110 Airwall Gateway

The CPU load graph on the Reporting tab for an Airwall Gateway shows a graph of the load average on the Airwall Gateway's CPU. This is an average of the number of processes waiting for the CPU, sampled every 5 minutes. It is not a percentage. This graph is fixed in v2.2.12 and will be the actual percentage of CPU used by running processes.

The 110 Airwall Gateway has an internal architecture that causes the CPU load to be higher than other units with the same configuration, often showing a CPU load average close to 1 (100% on the graph). While this does mean that most processes are waiting for the CPU, because HIPhh traffic is not CPU-bound, a load of 100% does not have a strong impact on traffic in the HIP tunnel.

CPU load graph for a 110 Airwall Gateway showing it at 100%