My SIM card doesn't work in my cellular Airwall Gateway

If you are trying to connect to a network over a cellular connection, and your Airwall Gateway won't connect to your service, try one or more of these troubleshooting steps:

Note: Not all of these troubleshooting tests are necessary for all cellular issues.

Check Settings

Note: If you are using a T-Mobile SIM, you must explicitly configure the Cellular Provider and APN for it to work. Manually configuring these settings may be necessary, as autoconfiguration over the network doesn't always work for M2M cellular devices.
  • Provider Settings - In Diagnostic mode, under Cellular Settings, check the Provider settings are correct.
  • APN Settings - In Diagnostic mode, under Port Settings, check the APN settings are correct.

Check the SIM card

  • SIM card orientation - Check that the SIM card is inserted in the right orientation. Check your platform guide or Airwall help for assistance in correctly orienting the SIM card. If it is a 110 Airwall Gateway, see
  • Insert the SIM card in a 110.
  • SIM card fit - Check that the SIM card is fully inserted into the Airwall Gateway, and if there is any wiggle, consider using a paper shim to ensure that the card is in tightly. Some cards come in varying thickness and might not fit perfectly into our trays.
  • SIM card activated - Check that the SIM card is activated for your service.

Check connectivity

  • Signal quality - Connect the Airwall Gateway to a wired underlay network and monitor the Cellular stats in the Conductor from the Health Data page. These stats will help you determine if you have a weak/bad-quality signal or too much noise.
  • Signal availability - If your Airwall Gateway is being deployed in a remote location, consider testing it somewhere closer to a cell tower to determine whether or not the issue is environmental.

Check hardware

  • Antennas - Check that your Airwall Gateway antennas are rated for cell networks and are firmly connected to the Airwall Gateway.
  • Power supply - If you are using your own power supply, test it to ensure it delivers enough power to the Airwall Gateway. Operating below the listed power requirements can lead to modem instability.