Airwall Gateway has duplicate serial number (v2.1.5 and earlier)

How to handle an v2.1.5 or earlier Airwall Gateway with a duplicate serial number.

Prior to release v2.1.6, the serial number system used to calculate the UID Unique Identification (UID) of an Airwall Gateway did not use the entire length of the serial number.

This issue can result in a duplicate UID for an Airwall Gateway. If you install an Airwall Gateway of the same type as a one already on the network and the previous Airwall Gateway is removed from Conductor, check the displayed UID of each Airwall Gateway for duplicate serial numbers.


If the serial numbers are identical, return the newly-installed unit. This issue is resolved as of v2.1.6 by using a longer base to calculate the UID, as well as enhancements to the Conductor to warn of a collision of UID rather than dropping the old unit from Conductor.