Conductor displays information that appears to be out-of-date (v1.x to v2.00.x)

Refresh your browser to update information.

If you experience any of the issues below, refresh your browser to resolve the issue:

  • After a session has timed out, you receive the following error when logging in:

    The change you wanted was rejected.

  • After configuring a Conductor for the first time and selecting Return to settings too quickly, you may receive a Lost connection to the original server message.
  • The Conductor is not displaying the recent activity of a local device correctly.
  • Firewall enable/disable for ICMP and SYN protection buttons broken.
  • Demoting an active Conductor to standby, the processing screen updates correctly.
  • Selecting Restore positions in a network visualization freezes the nodes in place
  • Selecting Detect Devices repeatedly on the Airwalls properties page will generate excess traffic
  • Devices continue to appear in the Conductor user interface after an Airwall Gateway was factory reset
  • After you configure two Conductors in an HA-pair, the Conductor does not return to the Dashboard.