Cell provider refuses connection to a 110 Airwall Gateway

Early 110 Airwall Gateways had their RTC (Realtime Clock) set too far into the future. Having the date too far into the future causes the cell provider to refuse the connection. You can still provision and manage the 110 using Ethernet.

Note: This issue only applies to the early 110 Airwall Gateways that shipped before the issue was found. All units that are currently shipping have the correct date and time set in their RTC.
  1. Provision the 110 Airwall Gateway using Ethernet
  2. Apply Hotfix HF-15628.

    Note: The Firmware Install Date shown in the Conductor may still show the date from the future at this point. This issue is purely cosmetic. The Conductor date will update when you install the next firmware update. (This hotfix does not change this date stamp)