HIPswitch 300v and VMware High Traffic Workaround

  • HIPswitch 300v
  • Date: April 28, 2016
  • Applies to: HIPswitch 300v in VMware vSphere


If you are running a HIPswitch 300v on VMware with all six virtual adapters assigned to private network interfaces, unusually high activity may spike the CPU and cause traffic issues.


To prevent traffic issues, do the following:
  1. In the console, login with username macinfo and password macinfo.
  2. A table of interfaces and corresponding MAC addresses is displayed. Record the results.
  3. Edit your virtual machine settings:
    • Compare each MAC address with the corresponding interface
    • Match the MAC address for the shared interface with the network interface in settings (eth0 is always mapped to network interface 1).
    • Match the MAC address from the HA interface with the network interface in settings.
    • All other MAC addresses will be for the device network. Remove all but one of these interfaces.

The steps above should resolve any network traffic issues as well as CPU resource consumption.

Alternatively, you can reduce the chance of over consumption of CPU or memory resources by configuring resource constraints against the Virtual Machine, or placing the virtual machine in a configured vApp.