Airwall Edge Service disconnects from the Conductor every thirty seconds

Airwall Edge Services communicate to Conductor using the MAP2 protocol.

MAP2 provides the configuration policy for each Airwall Edge Service subscribed. Each Airwall Edge Service has a unique set of MAP2 data channels it is able to subscribe to.

In some situations, an Airwall Edge Service might try to subscribe to a channel it should have access to, but is unable to because the IF-MAP server doesn't believe it has access to that channel. The IF-MAP server will issue an error state forcing the Airwall Edge Service to disconnect.

Example log/syslog messages:

ignoring channel overlay:20:attributes (not allowed)
ignoring channel device_group:10:attributes (not allowed)ignoring channel endbox::attributes (not allowed)
ignoring channel endbox::notify (not allowed)
ignoring channel endbox::publish (not allowed)
subscription for device_group:10:attributes failed 4 times - re-connecting to server
MapClient error flag is set - will disconnect and try to reconnect

To fix this:

  1. Restart the IF-MAP service in Conductor – Go to Settings > Service Status > IF-MAP > Restart.
  2. Update to the latest Conductor firmware version.