CPU Load Graph  (v2.2.11 and earlier)

The CPU load graph on the Reporting tab for an Airwall Gateway shows a graph of the load average on the Airwall Gateway's CPU. This is an average of the number of processes waiting for the CPU, sampled every 5 minutes. It is not a percentage. This graph is fixed in v2.2.12 to be the actual percentage of CPU used by running processes.

The value reported is actually the Linux load average of the system which can be much higher than 1.00 (shown as 100% on the graph).  

While a load average of 1.00 means that all processes were waiting for CPU at some time during the sample period, HIP traffic is not CPU-bound, and HIP traffic (traffic in the secure tunnel) will not be noticeably impacted.

For a discussion of Load Average, see: https://www.howtogeek.com/194642/understanding-the-load-average-on-linux-and-other-unix-like-systems/.