Conflicting UIDs on 500 Airwall Gateway (before v2.1.6)

On Pre-v2.1.6 500 Airwall Gateways, it is possible for two Airwall Gateways to end up with the same Unique identifier (UID), preventing them from both being provisioned on the Conductor.

The UID is determined from the serial number, but the serial number scheme varies from model-to-model. The result is 500 Airwall Gateway could potentially have the same UID as its peers.

This scheme was updated for the 500 Airwall Gateway in v2.1.6 and only takes effect after a factory reset.


These steps should resolve the problem:

  1. Place both conflicting 500 Airwall Gateways into Diagnostic Mode.
  2. Update them to v2.1.6.
  3. Apply HotFix HF-XXXX
  4. Place both Airwall Gateways back into Diagnostic Mode.
  5. Perform a Factory Reset.
  6. Place both Airwall Gateways back into Diagnostic Mode.
  7. Point them back at the Conductor.
  8. Revoke and delete any leftover Airwall Gateways with invalid UIDs in your Conductor.
  9. License and manage the new 500 Airwall Gateways provisioning requests with valid UIDs in your Conductor.