Cellular or wireless Airwall Gateway configured with a static IP does not work (v1.12.x and earlier)

If you have configured your Airwall Gateway (v1.12.x and earlier) with a static IP, failover between cellular or Wi-Fi to a wired connection does not work.

Solution - online Airwall Gateway

If the Airwall Gateway is showing online in the Conductor:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and select the desired Airwall Gateway.
  2. Go to Ports and click Edit Settings.
  3. For Protocols, select DHCP.
  4. Select Save.

Solution - offline Airwall Gateway

If the Airwall Gateway is not showing in the Conductor:
  1. Connect a computer to Port 2 on the Airwall Gateway.
  2. Place the Airwall Gateway in Diagnostic Mode.
  3. Point your browser to
  4. Go to Configuration > IP address.
  5. For Protocols, select DHCP.
  6. Select Submit.
  7. From the Actions menu, select Reboot.