Airwall Gateway support for Multicast

Airwall Gateways will send multicast IP packets received on the protected network through the tunnel to all peers.

For example, an (IGMP) Internet Group Management Protocol packet sent from Client-1 behind Airwall Gateway-1 will be seen by Client-2 behind Airwall Gateway-2 if they have trust set between them.

Network diagram showing two Airwall Gateways with policy sending IGMP packets
Note: There is no sparse PIM or other Multicast Routing protocol involved. These packets are sent to all peers without regard to whether or not local devices have subscribed to the multicast group.

Each peer receives a copy of the Multicast packet. In the case of Airwall Gateways to Airwall Agents, there is little bandwidth savings on the Shared Network side. From Airwall Gateway to Airwall Gateway, there could be some reduction in traffic.