What's New in 3.4.0

This version of the Airwall Solution includes several usability and functionality improvements that can simplify and streamline the setup and diagnostics for an Airwall secure network.

Local Airwall Overlay network

Airwall Gateways now have a local overlay network to better manage east-west traffic. See Adding trust between devices in the local overlay network.
Local overlay network

Overlay DHCP client

Airwall Gateways now support assigning overlay addresses with DHCP, making it easier to setup an Airwall to allow access in an existing environment.

Support for WebSocket relay proxy

Conductor now supports URLs (HTTPS and WSS), whereas before it only accepted hostnames or IP addresses, see Configuring a Conductor IP, Friendly URL, or Port and Creating WebSocket Relay certificate.

New search filters in Conductor Query Language

Use these additional filter properties to better search with the Conductor Query Language:
  • apiUUID
  • isPortMirrorSource
  • isPortMirrorDestination
  • hasCell
  • hasWifi
  • connectedVia
See Search by expression with the Conductor Query Language.

See further smart device group information in the Overlay page

You can now see further smart device group information in the Conductor’s Overlay page when you double click on the smart device group in the visualization window. See See the Trust Relationships in an Overlay network.

New bypass gateway tab

You can now see which Airwalls currently use a selected bypass gateway in the new bypass tab, Airwalls > Bypass. See Backhaul Bypass.
Bypass tab

See the API UUID for monitors in Conductor

You can now see the API UUID in the event monitor wizard. See Create an Event Monitor.
Event monitor wizard

Simplified Airwall relay configuration steps

You can now more easily configure an Airwall Gateway as an Airwall Gateway using the Airwall relay tab. See Set Up an Airwall Relay.
Airwall relay tab

Pinned page folders

You can now use folders to better organise your pinned pages. See The Conductor Dashboard.
Airwall relay tab

New and Updated Help

Here is the new and updated content published since our last release: