Create a support bundle for an Airwall Gateway

Creating a support bundle is one of several diagnostic tools that you can use to help our support staff assist in troubleshooting an Airwall Gateway. The Conductor offers several diagnostic capabilities and you can learn about the others by using the links near the bottom of this article.

Support bundles are encrypted files. For security purposes, only Tempered can open them.

Here's what's in support bundles:

  • Airwall Gateway Support Bundles contain full system logs from the machine, along with configuration files and cached information.
  • Airwall Agent or Server Support Bundles contain all software logs and configurations, cached data, and a snapshot of your system's network settings.
To create a support bundle:
  1. Log in to the Conductor with a system administrator or network administrator role account.
  2. Go to Airwall edge services, open one from the list, and then open Diagnostics.
    Note: If an Airwall Gateway is offline, you can put it into diagnostic mode and download a support bundle. See Put an Airwall Gateway into diagnostic mode for more information.
  3. Create your Airwall Gateway support bundle by clicking Request a support bundle.
    Once the support bundle .pkg file has been created, you will be provided a download link to the file. A support bundle .pkg file is an encrypted archive that facilitates technical support by Tempered only.
  4. Send the support bundle as an email attachment to Customer Success. A Tempered support engineer will contact you when it is received.