Gather advanced diagnostics

The Tempered Customer Success team has a set of internal tools used to analyze the data you provide. With these tools, the team has created some ways you can collect data that will assist the Customer Success team in troubleshooting your issues.

These procedures often require you to run multiple concurrent packet captures. The easiest way to do this is to open the Diagnostics page for different Airwall Edge Services in multiple tabs to queue up captures quickly (use CTRL+TAB to switch between tabs).

Full-Mesh network connectivity test:

This test allows the Customer Success team to map out all connectivity on your entire online network.
  1. Add all of your Airwall Edge Services to an Airwall group called Diagnostic.
  2. In web browser tabs, queue up – but do not start – Shared Network packet captures for every online Airwall Gateway (see Do a packet capture for an Airwall Gateway) , as well as your Conductor (see Do a packet capture for a Conductor).
  3. In additional browser tabs, queue up all online Airwall Agent or Server diagnostic pages. You need these later in this process.
  4. For all online Airwall Edge Services from step 2, and for your Conductor, select Start packet capture.
  5. (Optional) Start Shared Network packet captures on all online Airwall Agents and Servers. This cannot be done from the Conductor, so it is not required. Consider using Wireshark to do this.
  6. On the Airwall groups tab, on the line for the Diagnostic Airwall group you created, from the Actions menu, select Check Online.
  7. On ALL online Airwalls, go to the Secure tunnels tab, and check Build new tunnels if none exist, and then select Check Secure Tunnels.
  8. Wait until all the diagnostic tests complete and then stop all packet captures.
  9. Download all packet captures and collect them into one ZIP archive. Ensure that it is easy to identify which capture is which.
  10. Send that data to Customer Success .

This data provides captures of all MAP packets between Airwall Edge Services and your Conductor, HIP packets between Airwall Edge Services, and all background traffic on your collective Shared Network.

In addition, Customer Success may also need:

  1. Support bundles from all Airwall Gateways and Airwall Agents and Servers.
  2. Lists of other network devices on your Shared Network (CSV preferred).
  3. Any network diagrams you have.