Create a diagnostic report for an Airwall Gateway

Creating a diagnostic report is one of several diagnostic tools that you can use to get a general overview of the health of an Airwall Gateway. The Conductor offers several diagnostic capabilities and you can learn about the others by using the links near the bottom of this article.

To create a diagnostic report:
  1. Go to Airwall edge services, open one from the list, and then go to Diagnostics.
    If an Airwall Gateway is offline, you can put it into diagnostic mode and download a support bundle. For more information, see Put an Airwall Gateway into diagnostic mode.
  2. Create your report by clicking Request a diagnostic report.
    Once the report .txt file has been created, you will be provided a download link to it. The diagnostic report is a text file that you can examine to see a high-level look at the overall health of the Airwall Gateway.